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20 Low Cost Money Making Ideas That Can Make You Millions

It’s no longer a taboo for people to ditch their daily 9 to 5 grind and start their own money making business. In fact, it’s beyond easy starting a business for almost nothing these days. But, what businesses are guaranteed to make a million dollars?

Here’s 50 cheap, or even free, business ideas that will accomplish that goal.

1. Pet Care

Americans spent a gigantic $62.75 billion on their pets in 2016. The spending is expected to increase to $96 billion by 2020.

You can start services such as dog walking, grooming, training or sitting or even sell pet care products such as food and treats.

2. Bicycle Repair/Sales/Storage

In 2015 the bicycle industry pulled in over $6 billion. The market is huge. You can sell them, repair them or even store them for people.

3. Chatbot Making

According to Chatbot expert Murray Newlands, every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots. Chatbots are little AI programs that are integrated into messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger that answer questions using predetermined responses. You can quite easily make your own chatbots using tools such as ChattyPeople without having any coding knowledge.

4. Door to Door Delivery

More and more companies are allowing customers to purchase online, like your local takeaway. But not all of them deliver. You can offer a delivery service or start your own business delivering food items like Door to Door Organics who deliver organic vegetables to homes.

5. Infoproducts/Educational Programs

Selling “how to” information is a great business idea. Pick a niche, create a product, such as a useful ebook or an ecourse, put the word out, on social media or buy ads. No need to hold stock or worry about shipping.

7. Tour Guide Service

This probably won’t work if you reside in an area that doesn’t have many tourists. But if you’re surrounded by tourists and know your ways around, starting your own tour guide business can be profitable.

8. Editorial Service

Very easy to start. You can offer everything from copywriting, ghostwriting, proofreading and editing to businesses.

9. Drones

Drones are sizzling hot right now. Drone sales hit the $200 million mark in 2016.You can sell them, repair them, customise them, provide training or photography.

10. Flipping Websites

You can buy starter website from Flippa and build it up and sell it for profit. Some people are making $15,000 to $20,000 a month part time doing this.

11. Consulting

If you already have good knowledge on a particular topic. whether it’s business, economic, technology or legal related, you can start your own consultancy business. The cost of starting will only consist of setting up a website or getting business cards.

12. Home Repair/Restoration

If you have DIY skills you can offer a service repairing other peoples homes or start your own restoration business. You won’t need to invest in inventory as you’ll be more focused on installing or repairing.

13. Senior Services

The are over 46 million people in the US that are over 65 years of age. There are a lot of business  opportunities involving seniors, including companionship, running errends etc.

14. Online Marketing Services

Even if you don’t have a background in online marketing, you can take a cheap course to get started. SEO is a good example. Because this is a competitive industry you will need to focus on a niche area such as AdWords, Social Media Marketing or Influencer Marketing.

15. Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging still exists and can be very profitable if you have the patience. You can get started with just a few dollars. If you can create good quality content you have the potential to join the ranks of top bloggers earning high six figures.

16. Cleaning Services

Cleaning supplies are inexpensive, you can clean houses during the day, office buildings during off-hours or clean restaurants daily. It really depends on your preference.

17. Ecommerce Store

Unlike opening a brick and mortar storefront, an eCommerce site is easy to build and doesn’t cost a lot. With an online eCommerce store you’re not limited to one location, you can sell all over the world. Shopify is a good platform to use to setup and eCommerce site.

18. Homemade Goods

If you’re a crafty type of person you can sell your own handmade products from home. Anything from hand-printed shirts to natural soaps. Etsy is a marketplace where you can list and sell your creations.

19. Subscription Service

Who doesn’t love receiving goodies in their post? You can get setup your own subscription based business providing novelty items, organic treats, gaming gear, fashion accessories delivered in a box to customers every month for a fixed monthly fee.

You can use CrateJoy to handle the logistics of everything if you like.

20. Homemade Gourmet Food

Since you already have a kitchen you can make gourmet food from home and sell it. Whether it’s soups, bread, cookies, cakes or jellies, people are definitely devouring gourmet food products. Amy’s Kitchen became a multi million dollar business creating gourmet food.

I hope you found this list useful and it has inspired you to start something great. We here at Interweebs wish you all the success!

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